Christianity Explored

In just 7 sessions, plus some time together between session 6 & 7, three questions will be explored that cut right to the heart of Christianity: Who is Jesus? What did he achieve? and How should we respond?

We will meet at Christ Church on Wednesday mornings at 10am from 4 January 2023. All of us are on the journey together so you have a real chance to ask questions, if you want to, no matter how simple or difficult you think they are.

Each session will focus on a main topic, with a recorded talk and opportunity to delve deeper into the topic.
These are the session titles …
Session 1: Good newsCEX Handbook
Session 2: Identity
Session 3: Sin
Session 4: The cross
Session 5: Resurrection
Session 6: Grace
Case studies: The Sower, James and John, Herod
Session 7: Come and die

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