Summer23 Expenses

Please use this page to keep a record of any costs you have committed to for Summer23. Under each event heading, please simply put a line saying what the cost is for and how much. That way we can keep an eye on our total budget of £7,000.
Use SHIFT + ENTER to create a new line. Thank you.

Monday – Messy Play, Chips & Bingo
Bingo Software £12.50
Bingo Markers £27.30
Bingo Tickets £18.10

Tuesday – Youth Event, Scattegories, Pub Walk
Nerf hire £210

Wednesday – Mountsorrel By The Sea
Ocean View Catering (chip van) £1,400.00 (booked)
Ice Cream Van £400 (booked)
Bouncy Castle £105
Mini Golf £199 (booked)
Postcards £29 for 50 cards (provisional)
Sticks of Rock £39-75 for 100 (provisional)

Thursday – Children’s Cinema, Afternoon Tea, Quiz Night

Friday – Board Game Cafe, U5’s Soft Play, Youth Movie/Pizza
Soft play hire £135.00

Saturday – Muddy Church, Concert
Fudge & Co exotic animal encounter £200.00

Sunday – All Age Worship, Barbecue, Evensong, Curry
Barbecue Food £300 (estimate)
Curry £600 (estimate)

Other Expenses
Outdoor giant games £158.93
Custom Buzz wire game £270
Bunting £162.31
Banners £103.68 (Ordered and to be paid by Val)
Wristbands £294-00 Paid 25/5/23
Pinbadges £319.20
Wet Floor Signs £19.99
Team Lanyards £159.58