An invitation to worship with us

Thursday 18th May is Ascension Day, when we remember the returning to heaven of our risen Lord Jesus. We will mark this at St Peter’s Church with a service of Holy Communion at 7pm. You are most welcome to join us for this service. If you are not sure, you are also welcome to come along and sit and watch with no obligation to join in. After the service, there will be refreshments served in the vestry.

Ascension Day also marks the beginning of Thy Kingdom Come when we give extra time in prayer – particularly praying for those we know who do not yet know Jesus. Our Churches will be open during the day and each evening, from Ascension Day (18 May) to the eve of Pentecost (27 May), there will be a short service of Compline (night prayer) beginning at 8.30pm in St Peter’s Church.

You can join us for Sunday worship on 21st May in Christ Church for a service of Sunday worship with communion at 11am. During this service, we will also give the opportunity for prayers for healing – either for yourself or someone else. Later, at 6pm, we will gather in St Peter’s Church for a service of Evening Prayer beginning at 6pm.

I hope you can join us. Love and blessings, Colin Resch.

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